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The 7 Benefits of Writing your Inner Life through Journaling

The 7 Benefits of Writing your Inner Life through Journaling

Do you keep a journal? Keeping a journal allows you to record what’s happening in your life. It works through your thoughts and feelings, and sometimes you might write a journal for school to help you deepen your understanding of what you are studying.
Writing about what you are going through, who your feel, and what resilience you have poured into surviving in your life are a few of the excellent journal topics you could write about.

For example, the Spiritual journals inspired by cancer are a real account of resilience and understanding of the life that is defined and measured by sickness.

Journal writing is an ancient practice.

Journaling is also a way for writers to improve their craft and hone it every time a spark of an idea comes to them out of the blue. They often romanticize how they feel and how the environment feels to them. Keeping a small notebook inside your pocket and a ballpen is essential for journal writing. Whenever you have an idea or a burst of feeling that suddenly comes to you, make it a habit to jet it down and don’t just let it pass. Most of the great literature was from the journals of the greatest writers. There are a lot of writers who kept journals as a part of their life. Most notable writers are Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Herman Miller, etc.
Journal writing helps you think things through.

Writing about your inner life is a valuable practice for getting ideas out of your head and onto the blank page. Writing has been accounted for by many generations of writers. It saved lives and saved sanities as well. Using words, writers save themselves from drowning in silence and the loneliness they are feeling. Melancholy is one of the driving forces why such people write journals. That’s why most books that were once journal entries from writers are best to read because it reflects something inside us, something that suppresses inside us for the longest time we are being fake.

Journal writing is like having a personal therapist.

Writing can also be therapeutical. It can boost a meditative aura, especially when you are in the middle of your thoughts and on the verge of writing mode. It is also a gateway to being calm because it organizes our thoughts which is also beneficial in writing. Aside from that, writing a journal can get you away from the noisiness of the world. It can also make you reflect on your environment and your past life, your regrets, and also the happy times you had.

Journaling gets you into the habit of writing regularly.

If you write on a regular basis, eventually, it will become your habit and will be a part of your everyday life. Writing a journal every step of the way as a habit can make you a better persona and more productive. For example, if you are writing while you are going to work or maybe before sleeping, the moment you keep on doing stuff like this will eventually become part of your daily routine—writing as a pastime is an excellent way to kill time creatively. It makes you unique, but it can also be misinterpreted as eccentric and quirky. You have to know also the real you and how solitary thinking helps you reconnect with yourself. Maximizing the chaos brought by the world is what writing gives. After all, when writing becomes a habit, you will constantly at least have free time from the outside and be inside yourself.

Reading old journals is Illuminating.

Keeping the old entries from your old notebooks or old computers is a kind of trip-to-memory-lane kind of experience. It can give you a de javu kind of experience that you will always reminisce about now and then. Remembering what has been written on the paper doesn’t only mean one, but it has a lot of meanings brings. One most important thing that we always remember is the feeling we had when we first wrote the sentence or the word. It is where our emotions happen. We sometimes burst into thirst when we remember that feeling of hope, loneliness, or even happiness. You will eventually realize its importance in building your character today.

Journaling writing helps you express gratitude.

Writing a journal makes you thankful and appreciative of even the most minor things you got in your life. It is also the best way to appreciate small details in your life and what they mean to you.

Journaling helps you find ideas to write about

Writing is an avenue for discoveries and experiments. It is where you can have a journey everywhere you go. Only your mind is the limit of your writing. Imagination is everywhere, as long as you allow yourself.

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