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Be Your Boss: How To Do It Effectively

Be Your Boss: How To Do It Effectively woman in corporate suit

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Wanting to be your own boss? Here's how to do it right.

If the past few years' ups and downs have you seeking more control over your destiny, you are not alone.
Of course, it is not all roses. For many people, taking ownership of your work life can be intimidating and overwhelming — not to mention grueling. And this is true no matter what kind of work you do, whether helping people create a website or running your own e-commerce store. With nobody telling you what to do and when to do it, you must be firm with yourself. You will also face obstacles you do not commonly have to deal with when you work for someone else, such as figuring out complicated taxes and invoicing, not getting paid to take vacations, and buying expensive non-employer-sponsored health insurance.
Like any job, being your boss has perks and pitfalls. There is no cookie-cutter formula that everyone can follow. But with hard work, a solid plan, and dedication, your new independence will enjoy some good times.

Tips For Becoming Your Own Boss
1. Do your homework. Before quitting your full-time job or starting right out of the gate, thoroughly research. Thorough research comes with knowing the average pay, opportunities, and other factors that will affect your work. It would be best if you continued to be updated with developments in your field by setting up Google alerts, subscribing to industry publications, and following thought leaders.
It would help if you also learned what challenges you might have as a self-employed professional in the industry and to ensure, in general, you have a plan for overcoming such hindrances.

2. Establish your own goals. Working for yourself means you are holding yourself accountable. That means you will have to be crystal clear about your professional goals. Establish both short and long-term goals to help you assess your progress. Having objectives about what you want to accomplish daily is also a good idea to have a plan of action. This will also force you to use your time wisely and be productive. Try using the SMART method to have a solid strategy and means of accomplishing your objectives.

3. Pay attention to finances. If you are wondering how to start your own business with no finances, know that while it is tricky, it can be done. Some strategies include borrowing from friends, applying for a small business loan, and searching for grant opportunities. Consider getting the support of an angel investor or a venture capitalist. You can check out this list of online payday lenders if you want a quick cash solution.

4. Have a schedule. Set a plan, and stick to it. Have a time when you wake up and go to bed daily. Establish the hours you will be working — the definite projects you complete during these hours will vary, definitely, but you should have a general outline of what downtime and work time are. You might also create a more specific schedule at the start of each day to help you maximize your productivity. Consider factoring in time for yourself, too, so also initiate an end to your workday.

5. Remember self-care and be inspired. It is easy to forget about yourself when working for yourself, but it is essential to take time for self-care. You will drive yourself crazy if you resort to all work and no play. In addition to having an end time for work daily, do something for yourself. That might be a pedicure, a long walk, a glass of wine, a book to read — whatever will make you feel a little better, do it. Remember to build in more comprehensive self-care strategies, too. For example, you might take a break and go on a vacation. You can also look for inspiration through a book. Grab a copy of Alma Lightbody's thought-provoking book for self-discovery entitled You're Not The Boss Of Me. This book is the glimmer of hope you are looking for. Simply, it will make you aware of how Bosses, patterns, imprints, and influences have programmed your life and painted the picture of your present personality. Using this information, you can learn what is not you and choose what to peel away and keep!

Now that you have empowered yourself to become your boss, you can begin to think about how you will do that. Enjoy!

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