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Easy Ways to Finding Happiness

A woman smiling at herself in the mirror after finding happiness.

Humanity has been free to explore the world from outside and within. But in the endless search for one’s overflowing desires, how will you manifest them? What is the best way to fulfill your role and know yourself better?

Before finding happiness, we were taught that what brings us joy are the things most associated with who we are. When we’re feeling worn down by the burdens of life, we turn to things that take them out. Savoring the little things that mean to us rewires our brains to be happier and more resilient. Taking in the good energy around you will fuel a lifetime’s journey to find yourself.

Take a look at the sunrise. You might be in awe of its golden rays seeping through the clouds. It’s a given to be amazed at its beauty, and suddenly, you ask what’s for breakfast. At that moment, you instantly forgo your connection with the world in exchange for an established reality. Filling your soul with that positive feeling should be enough to be energized.

With that circumstance before us, author Alma Lightbody formulated a self-help guide for inner learning. She aims to help readers restore their inner happiness and ultimately find joy. The book ‘You’re Not the Boss of Me’ is all about the journey to discovering yourself. Even if one day you wake up and feel like everything’s out of control, that book will surely help you. Meanwhile, ‘My Wonderful Nightmare’ explores the themes of listening to one’s body. It’s a chronicle of traditional and alternative healing that will motivate readers to practice on themselves.

Cultivating gratitude as a benefit for happiness

Reality has a way of biting back at everyone who fails to snap back to it. Those events make it harder for us to be grateful for everything we have. Despite receiving a generous amount of happiness, it’ll all crumble with a small amount of anxiety for the future. It’s understandable if you struggle with positivity because finding happiness is never easy.

While joy can be associated with genetics, there are many ways to return to the road to happiness. Improving satisfaction will take a lot of work in the most challenging times. But if you’re willing to take back the joy in your heart, manifesting the desire to live is possible.

People will usually encourage you to “be thankful” when you’re going through tough times. But here’s a better way of putting it: reminding yourself to be thankful for mundane things will help. Not that it’s the simplest thing to do, but it is a good start.

Finding happiness in your daily routine

Gratitude goes a long way to transforming your overall well-being. Life satisfaction is an aspect of this transformation that determines how well your life will go. Second, is the frequency of positive waves flowing through you. Be it the following emotions can be simultaneously felt, sometimes in surges:


  • Pride
  • Curiosity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Tranquility
  • Joy

Remember that not all of these aspects can be practiced daily. After all, finding happiness is a daily effort that needs dedication and solid resolution. Nothing beats the experience of healing your soul than building a connection with other people. Nurturing relationships, not just in the romantic aspect, is what we must strive to achieve in our lives. Joy is not just found in having a romantic partner. Since it’s all around us, we can find it anywhere, even within ourselves.

Listing down the things that make you happy

A run-through of everything that made you smile is another routine you should practice. It might be that forgetting them also worsens the lack of joy you’re experiencing. If being alone helps you recharge, remember the times you spend doing whatever you please. And while you’re alone, take the time to reflect on what levels of joy they’ve brought you to.

It’s much easier to remember happy times at their most joyous moments, just like how we tend to be grateful for others when we’re joyful. But when we hit rock bottom and are at our lowest, we immediately forget like it was nothing. All that pain was meant for us to appreciate all the little time of happiness we get. So being at our lowest can be a lesson we must learn. We must make the most of our stay here, especially when journeying.

Acceptance is unexpectedly a way to be happy.

Inner healing starts with acceptance. Finding happiness is as complicated as finding a needle in a haystack. However, it shouldn’t be like that. Today, we are changing the narrative because attaining joy doesn’t have to be complicated. Accepting that things happen as they are can sometimes become a source of strength. Engaging with life also comes with having the capacity to acknowledge what’s in front of you.

In situations like being at your lowest, this is when taking the path to least resistance applies. It means allowing your soul to redirect towards a sense of flowing. When you’re thrust into a baffling moment, you are being tested. By accepting the outcome but choosing joy above all else, finding happiness won’t be impossible.

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