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Four Powerful Exercises to Receive Spiritual Guidance

Four Powerful Exercises to Receive Spiritual Guidance - Self-help guide for inner healing

Spiritual growth is a concept with room for many perspectives. However, it is a universal experience—something that touches every human being. As such, it is a search for meaning in life, typically involving the discovery of one’s authentic self after struggles and deviation of path. People find this spiritual growth as releasing excess baggage or simply a deep sense of living and interconnectedness. It provides you more reasons to get up every day to live life while finding yourself.

With Alma Lightbody’s You’re Not the Boss of Me sharing keys for the journey to self-discovery and growth, many are ready to embark on their own. However, some will need higher assistance along the way, and you may be one of them. Spiritual guidance explores the spiritual aspects of being human, thus helping you discover your true self and life’s purpose.

During this challenging journey, you may make decisions that may direct you to the wrong path. Spiritual guidance ensures that you reach the final destination without getting lost or sidetracked on the way. This relieves you from the loop of misery and pain by giving you access to a bigger truth. So receive your spiritual guidance today by following these powerful exercises.

Be Open to Receiving

It seems to be counter-intuitive, but the best way to find your true self is to let go of what once was and accept the spiritual guidance. Learning to receive spiritual guidance is like learning to walk all over again. Just keep trying to receive it, and it will come naturally. However, if you’re like most people living on a routine and afraid of letting go of the familiar, it creates a barrier to receiving spiritual direction. Closing yourself off to new experiences and emotions will make the journey toward your authentic self difficult. Instead, start setting intention to be open and receive all inspirations coming your way.

Tap into your soul, become self-aware, and try to reach higher consciousness every day, and you might come in contact with your higher guide. Being open creates a space for new energy and insight into life. Do not let the ego and routine take over. Even if you can’t hear or sense them, they will find a way to get through to you; just leave your door open.

Practice Meditation

Everyone knows that the goal of mediation is to develop a deeper sense of mindfulness. Additionally, meditation opens the door for a greater sense of connection with the divine. It is a great way to tap into the soul and be more in touch with our reality and self. This is probably the most practical approach for receiving spiritual guidance. Meditation is a powerful practice that will help create a deep connection to the beings of love and light to support your spiritual growth. While meditating may appear as a simple breathing exercise, you can set goals and intentions in mind. As a result of meditation, the mind is cleared of extraneous components; therefore, thoughts are focused on loving yourself and others.

Write Your Thoughts

While in mindful meditation, you may come into a lot of thinking, loading your mind with a plethora of thoughts. Practice transcribing those thoughts into a journal. These thoughts may seem useless right now, but they can come in handy during challenges and problems in your life. After all, writing is a great way of manifesting anything in your life. The written word is a powerful conduit for spiritual guidance; however, reading should not be ignored as it can also help receive spiritual guidance and see your life from a new perspective. Reading books for spiritual growth and guidance, like Alma Lightbody’s You’re Not the Boss of Me, may engage your mind to lessons and deeper connections during your spiritual growth and self-discovery. Her books contains accounts and insights on how to return to your authentic self.

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