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How Do You Decide What Book to Read?

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The first stage of enjoying reading is locating which type of book you want. Of course, you should still be open to trying fresh items and stepping beyond your comfort zone. This is how you'll find pleasant surprises you would not have comprehended.

There will be days when you're required to read something you may not like, but besides those instances, typically, you read because you want to. Life is too short to waste reading books you don't like or don't enjoy. Your precious time should be focused on books that help you grow as a person and add to the collective imagination of humankind.

How do you find a good book?

Finding good books is not as complicated as you think. As long as you have a general idea of what you are interested in, many resources can point you in the correct direction. These may include friends, reviews in newspapers and magazines, blogs, smartphone applications, and even your local librarian!

Visit local libraries and bookstores

Libraries are readers' best friends. Head to the aisle of your favorite genres and start browsing, or feel free to talk to your librarian. Most likely, they can suggest books that suit your taste and point you in the right direction. Once you find the perfect book of your choice, you can start reading.

You can also visit local bookstores, which usually have successful titles on prominent displays around them. Browse all the shelves, and you might find some hidden gems you've never read before. Again, don't be afraid to ask the staff for guidance. In most cases, they are bookworms too and should be able to point you toward books you'll definitely enjoy.

Start with the classics

If you've decided to start reading more but are unsure what you are into, the classics are a great place to start. There's no assurance that you'll love all these titles. They have been deemed "classics" for a reason. Whether you like the writers' tones or not, you are at least assured of objectively excellent quality of writing and storytelling.

Getting your grounds soaked with the chef-d'oeuvre will help you understand the kinds of themes, techniques, and niches you want. You can use those understandings to direct your quest for more amazing books.

Ask your reader friends

Ask your close friends about their favorite books or what they have enjoyed reading lately. However, this is not foolproof since being close with someone does not warrant that you will share the same taste in literature. But, chances are there is somebody in your life who enjoys reading, and they can likely tell you about the latest must-read books at this moment. Who knows, they might even allow you to borrow or lend some of the books you like.

Join book clubs and book fairs

Book clubs are fun ways to meet people with the same interests as you, discuss books, and discover new and trendy reads! Most book clubs meet about once a month to chitchat regarding what they read last and settle on the book they will all read next.

Depending on the book club you'll be joining, your group will probably focus on specific genres. A thought-provoking book for self-discovery, religious books, fantasy books, and many more are examples of genres you can choose from. Still, the books selected are generally of good quality and ideal for starting discussions. You may also likely attend book fairs if you are a pious book aficionado. Still, these events offer great options for beginners and literature whizzes to uncover new reads and connect with fellow bookworms.

Read and follow book blogs

There's a blog for every genre and subgenre you can imagine. Most also offer their top picks and suggestions for books.

Study the reading checklists of your favored authors

Chances are, writers you follow will suggest books you like other than their books. Make a checklist where you can check their suggestions to keep counting on this list as time proceeds. This way, you can catch what books you have already read and what books you enjoy reading.

Check out goodreads

Millions of excellent books are ordered and reviewed on Goodreads, where bibliophiles from around the world come jointly to examine all fortes of books. This suggests you can get a bunch of thoughts on what's hot in the world of literature, skim the top-rated books by genre and nook, and connect with other like-minded bookworms. And you can start by simply creating a complimentary account.

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