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Self-Care to A Happier & Healthier You

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Self-care is akin to self-love; both are essential components of a person's overall well-being. More than having a high regard for yourself, self-care is a practice aimed at realizing and embracing the real you.  


In this day and world where rush and hurry have become normalized and embedded in the standard of living, people may find themselves burning candles at both ends and bargaining for more than what they can afford. People often associate productivity with how deadlines are met; if you're time-pressured to complete a task, you're productive. Of course, being in haste and in a stressful mood is a natural human reaction. Still, constant rushing, hustle, and bustle could cause a person's overall well-being to deteriorate over time.  

Any stress can take a toll on anyone and, if not treated or acted upon at the earliest instance, can significantly affect their physical, mental, and emotional state.

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Why the need for Self-Care?

Many benefits come with taking time to care for oneself. Self-care is one of those things that has long been taken for granted by most people over the years in their aim for success or abundance.
But why should this practice be incorporated as an essential part of life? Why do people need to make an effort to look after their bodies' needs and well-being?

Knowing the need for self-care requires looking for signs and symptoms that indicate that you urgently need one. For instance, are you feeling more sad than usual? Are you constantly worried and feeling overwhelmed for no reason? Do you feel more tired, achy, and sick like never before? And, are you unusually feeling over anxious and highly lonely or irritable?
Then there are sure signs telling you that your body desperately needs you to pay attention – an urgent call for that self-tender-loving care.

People who take proactive steps in caring for themselves and answering their bodies' needs find that they're happier and healthier in life. 


Ways to Practice Self-Care

First, self-care is the conscious practice of taking steps to help boost or improve one's overall well-being. There is no strict roadmap for practicing this, and self-care doesn't necessarily have to cost you anything. All it requires from you is determination, the will, and the passion for improving and boosting your state of being. Remember that the end goal of self-care should benefit you in the long run.

Here are some top tips that can help you get started.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

A self-care journey entails that you pay special attention to your physical body. This means taking time and effort to exercise regularly – and be consistent with this habit! Spending 30 minutes daily jogging, walking, or doing cardio exercises can help boost your health and improve your overall mood simultaneously.

Regular physical exercise can improve the body's muscle strength and increase the immune system. Cardiovascular activities help regulate blood and oxygen flow, which is needed to tackle life's daily stressors.

A healthy lifestyle also necessitates a proper diet. Now, you don't have to go all vegetarian unless it's what you want to do. A good diet calls for balanced meal planning and eating the proper amount of foods with the right amount of nutrients that can help fuel your body's energy and immunity.

Practice Relaxing Activities

Relaxing activities may vary to each person, but in a nutshell, these are tasks that can help a person feel relaxed and calm with themselves and towards other people. Set time for relaxing and meditating activities regularly. It could be something as simple as practicing breathing exercises, doing yoga, or doing things that you love doing that could help ease out your tense muscles. It could also be like watching movies, listening to your favorite music, going shopping, sleeping the whole day, going to a spa, or going on a vacation.

Take Up a Positive Mindset

Looking after yourself also calls for a healthy mental and emotional state. One way to achieve this is by embracing a positive outlook toward life. Studies have shown that positive thinking decreases anxiety and depression and increases resistance to sickness or diseases. Positivity can also help an individual be mindful of any negative and unhelpful thoughts so that they can be more prepared to deal with these thoughts and feelings once they encounter them.
Practicing gratitude is another way to imbue that positive state of mind. List them down so that you'll have a visible reminder that you can replay in your mind when you're feeling down.

Remember that loving your mental and emotional being is essential to successfully achieving self-care. 


Choose to be Happy and Healthy

Remember that all life requires from you is the choice to look after and take after yourself. This self-loving act looks different for everyone; it's essential to take time and identify your needs and wants, primarily what benefits you the best.

Because the benefits of self-care don't just ultimately affect the individual personally practicing it, it also has this rippling effect that can impact the people surrounding the individual. So, strive to care and love yourself, and see yourself become a happier and healthier version of yourself!

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