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Crafting the Question

You cannot get the right answer if you fail to ask the right question.  In the work I do there are many questions that come up that I leave open-ended for the client to answer at some point.  I do that because only they know their own answers, their own truth.  One of the hurdles people face in life is how to craft their own questions that will bring forward what their truth is.   

In my holistic health practice, crafting the question is a basis for most treatments I use.  Initially, through dialogue with clients I listen to what they have to say about why they came for a treatment.  Their reason is usually only part of the story.  Additional words spoken as miscellaneous chatter about other issues or people are often more meaningful and lead to the source of the problem.  While on the therapy table, I rephrase their own comments into questions and ask them to answer with the first thought that comes to them (called intuition).  People are amazed and surprised at what  pops out, because it is something they already knew subliminally but hadn’t validated. 

You are able to illicit a true response that is yours alone if you pay attention to your gut response, your intuition, your soul’s message.  Intuition is a valuable tool: it is all-knowing, beyond your mind and ego.  The biggest challenge is to allow, learn and trust what comes to you.  When you don’t know what to do, consider this example.  Imagine drinking a glass of milk that has turned sour: you immediately know it is bad.  It’s a quick sense or a gut reaction.  Follow the same idea with other happenings in life, and pay attention to your gut reaction or your first response. 

Intuition has always been there, but we have been programmed to use the answers of others and take them on as our own.  We have been ordered around and told what to do for so long that we have lost our own answers.   As you become aware and attentive to how and when others have answered your questions you have a choice to take your voice back. 

Slow down and learn more about yourself as you craft your own questions to find out if an issue is for your highest good.  Then  pay attention and listen to your intuitive response.  If you continue to ask others what you should do, you are giving your power away.  Answer the question yourself, and you’ll be amazed how good it will make you feel as you move from being under an amorphous shadow to a place of clarity, focus and power.  Knowledge is what you’ve acquired and wisdom is how wisely you chose to use this knowledge.  Take a risk and craft a question that reminds you this wisdom is yours.  Let your opinion be your own.

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