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Finding Purpose

Finding purpose in life is the long time quest of most of us.  This particular story is about one young woman’s journey and what each of you will learn from it will depend on the filters in your own life.  We all see things differently, as each blade of grass and snowflake is unique, so are we.

Erin was always a strong person that loved helping people.  She was a story teller full of humour and life and everyone loved being around her.  When diagnosed with ovarian cancer at thirty-one,  it did not change her personality on the surface but on the inside a new persona was being created, with an unknown destination.  She developed this new character as she wrote in daily journals with gut wrenching honesty.  She directed her words, her therapies and her feelings directly to the reader of the book she planned to write. 

She researched conventional medicine, delved into alternate medicine and developed a bonding relationship with her doctors and therapists.  She understood what was happening at very step, except for the answer to the question - why me?  The spiritual piece of the puzzle she was missing began to unfold as she questioned her ‘purpose in life’.  What she wanted most was to pass this investigation and mystery on to others. She was focused on using her journals to share what she learned and felt.  Erin said she would have had a better chance if she had learned to ‘listen to her body messages’ earlier.  Neither she nor her doctors had and now she was running out of time.

I worked with Erin for two years as an energy therapist and witnessing her determination to live and her spiritual development was powerful for both of us.  We had a very strong bond and she was like a sponge absorbing every bit of information and energy possible.  In the last year she became more aware that ‘healing the soul’ does not necessarily mean ‘curing the body’.  She had been sure she would achieve both. 

She continued with courage in the face of adversity and never lost sight of her goal to write a book and help others heal themselves.  Her purpose became one of sharing the story of her death in order to teach others how to live.   Erin left her journals to me to compile a book about the numerous lessons she learned on all levels.   The book is called ‘My Wonderful Nightmare - spiritual journals, inspired by cancer’.

It sometimes takes an unlucky twist to find out what we are here for.  Right until the end Erin offered love and advice to those around her and left videos and journals full of advise for everyone.  U.S. Review of Books wrote - Filled with honesty and emotion,  these works are intended for anyone dealing with, or touched by a serious illness.   In particular, Erin’s writing offers up a brave revelation of life’s unpredictability.  Surely her open heart and eternal spirit will help bring clarity to our own final journeys.

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