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Creation of Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries can be physical barriers and rules but they can also be energetic and spiritual.  Physical ones are usually visible but energetic ones are more subtle and you often don’t notice them as easily.  For example, you might sense a predatory presence at your back that causes you to be uncomfortable or feel totally drained by certain people and not understand why.

Understanding boundaries and where they begin goes back to your chosen karma for this lifetime.  You chose parents who carry out or act out what you are here to learn.  You are forced to deal with them and have the option to learn.  In doing so, you need to learn to be the parent of your own body.  The only control you have is the boundaries you set.  Some of us are given good advice and others have to work hard to protect their personal space and integrity.

In one of my work experiences,  I had to deal with a sharp and caustic boss.  Whenever I entered his office with a question or report, the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I felt intimidated before I began to talk.  At the time I was just beginning to learn about energy and the tools that were available to me.  I decided to use them and fill my auric field with light and a border of protection before entering his office. It was amazing how well it worked and it stopped him in his tracks.  He wasn’t aware of what had changed but he did begin to be more respectful of me and I had taken my power back. 

To create personal boundaries you have to be able to deny other people access to your energy.  You have be able to say ‘no’, internally or aloud and protect your energy field.  It takes some practice and it helps to allow yourself quiet time and deep relaxation to ensure your energy field or reserves are not depleted.  Become adept at finding a balance between serving the world and serving yourself.  When you are ‘open’ others can try to dump on you or drain you.  Acknowledge them, ask and listen but don’t take on their issues.  Block disdain - don’t take on criticism or insults. 

Relationships of any kind are often a big test of boundaries.  They can be a shelter of protection but also a prison that inhibits individuality.  Look uphill for people of higher energy, not downhill for those that need mothering.  As you touch another person in their field there are all sorts of chakra relationships that are formed equivalent to the umbilical cord attached at birth.  To protect the integrity of your own space it is important to symbolically cut these cords on a routine basis and allow each their own energetic space. 

Such empowerment allows everyone to learn how to use and maintain their own energy.  Develop a vibration of ‘Healthy Boundaries’ and enjoy your journey to freedom.

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