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Creating A Story

Have you ever worried about an issue or person then created a story in your mind about a ‘what if’ scenario and for you it becomes real?

Throughout life, opinions and agendas of others influence us, but sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Some of the reality we live in can be a story we create in our mind that doesn’t even happen.

You might begin to think about something that is bothering you, and you find yourself creating a scenario of what you imagine someone might do or say? Even though it is all in your mind, you are upset with the person or issue: you are convinced it is real. An example may be a relationship where you create a story in your mind of how you want someone to act and feel. When they don’t live up to your expectations, you think they have failed you - even though they have no idea what the expectation is. All of a sudden they get blind sided with accusations and don’t know where it came from. We can create our own heartbreaks through expectations.

This kind of internal dialogue happens all the time ...... and we wonder why communication is so difficult. When we find ourselves going down this road, getting upset and distressed, its important to understand this is one-sided information. Such habits of creating unreal situations smother you and hold you hostage to a poor outcome. It is better to ‘step out of the story’ rather than create one that is not real.

The ‘Dalai Lama’ tells us we cannot judge others because we never have all the facts. We need to change our perception and look at things differently. If it doesn’t feel good: re-focus, let go of the issue, person, place or thing and stay in the moment, open to possibilities. When we create stories that are not real, they suck the life out of us. Mind stories can be so powerful and convincing that they become internalized as if they really happened; the resulting stress is the same.

Take responsibility, become an ‘observer’ and look at the process from outside of the personal. Practice stillness and let your heart and intuitive senses inform you. Refuse to let the created story control you. Talk to the characters - to those you are doubting. Listen to their side of the story then with gratitude let go and let God help you. Be free of the burden you have created .

I haven’t related to a specific story of my own in this article but am aware of when it happens to me and know it is common for everyone. My purpose here is to bring awareness to an unhealthy habit that puts us in ‘story’ mode and brings us stress.

The Shamans tell us to shape shift, change our perspective and raise the vibrational frequencies. By letting go of the self-created drama that ‘never happened’ we are free. How Great is That??

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