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It didn't happen

Out the corner of his eye, my husband, Mack, saw me fly - feet off the ground - head down, onto the cement. He said he had never seen anyone fall that hard with no hands to stop the fall. It was the first day of our vacation in Puerto Vallarta and with bags of groceries in both hands I missed the curb and did a face plant onto the driveway. Groceries were every where and I was in shock.

Mack told people not to move me, then heard me say I could heal myself if I could get back to our unit. I immediately put pressure on my impacted cheekbone. Everyone around me was in panic and telling me what to do but I didn’t listen. I remembered from a course with Matrix Energetics to mentally tell my body ‘It didn’t happen‘ - so that is the mantra I continued to repeat to myself as I kept the pressure on my cheekbone. 

The shuttle took us back to our unit and my husband put together icepacks for my cheek and my knees as I continued with my mantra ‘It didn’t happen’. After a shot of vodka my body began to relax and I used my PEMF equipment on my face and knees to release the trauma and revitalize my energy system . Two hours after the fall I was mobile and we were making dinner. The next morning I could only see a few broken blood vessels on my cheekbone and no bruising. Off we went to the golf course and the rest of the holiday went smoothly.

This wording, ‘It didn’t happen’ can take you back before the incident. Recently I had used it with a client, Rada, that kept reacting to a previous lifetime where she was tortured and abused. We went back through time and I asked her to go to the moment of abuse and cancel the issue with the the words, ‘It didn’t happen’. She repeated it several times during the treatment and I told her to use that mantra when any difficult issue happened to her.

That very night, she was staying at my friend Issy’s place and fire alarms woke them up. There was an explosion and they escaped only in their nightgowns. Rada, remembered the wording, ‘it didn’t happen’, and both Issy and her repeated that mantra over and over again that night. The house was totally gone but neither of them suffered any burns, smoke inhalation or toxic fumes. They refused any medical intervention and moved through the incident with a spiritual wholeness.

When I fell on the cement, the recent fire incident was fresh in my mind and helped me honor its value. Please remember the power of these words - It didn’t happen. One day you, or someone you know may need to use such a simple phrase. We have more power within us than we are aware of. Pay attention and use it wisely.

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