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Life is an Ongoing Lesson

Life lessons take many forms and shapes and do not always offer a clear picture of their purpose, until you look back on them.  They are, in fact, the core of our life journey.  We arrive on earth with a spiritual history of many lives.  There is unfinished business to be tended to and we have chosen the parents and surroundings to best help facilitate our agenda.  The problem is all this history and planning is erased before we arrive naked and crying surrounded by bright lights and toxic smells. 

In our early life we are taking directions and orders from parents, siblings and many types of teachers so that choices are not our own.  Then as adolescents we see all lessons as traumatic experiences because they are generated by hormones and emotions.  As we mature, life lessons continue with all types of experiences and unfortunately the beautiful joyful ones sometimes go unnoticed.  They are the ones that teach us the value of love.  Through all these perceptions, pain, positivity, enlightenment, challenges and growth comes the responsibility to learn.  Some lessons are hard fought but they strengthen us and move us forward.  They are not all difficult but those are the ones we hang onto. 

Don’t let the shadow side of you control your life.  You have a choice to change and when you take charge, that in itself, is a lesson.  Delve into self-inquiry and ask your intuitive self, what it is you need to learn in order to change an uncomfortable pattern. Be honest with yourself.  I had many changes that pushed me in a new direction.  It took me quite a while to realize how powerful each ‘lesson’ was.  Each time it took someone or something to instigate the change I definitely needed.  I was so thankful for each push and thanked God for the intervention.  Sometimes what you see in the lessons of others is what you need to learn about yourself.  It may not be your personal lesson but it offers you a new level of awareness.

When something major happens such as an illness or an affair your internal focus changes in an instant.  You hear ‘you have cancer’ or ‘I want a divorce’ and you move into a void of  the unknown - moving unconsciously through anger, dysfunction, then finally acceptance.  Years later you look back wondering how you got through all that uncertainty but you did and you think - if that hadn’t happened I would never have learned ...........  .  Look at how you changed and became a different person with a new outlook.

Step up to the challenge, follow your heart and honour your ‘ongoing lessons’ as they appear.  Then take time to look back on how those big or small events, joys, traumas, illnesses etc., made a change in your life.  Ask yourself what you learned from those issues.  What was the lesson?  How did you change?  Did you grow?  Then thank the person, place or story for being your teacher

Self Discovery is Life Altering.
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