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Planting Seeds

Spring Equinox is a time of new beginnings and regeneration when we plant seeds in mother earth as well as infuse our energy bodies with renewed spiritual light. There is also an opportunity to plant seeds of awareness to those living mainly in the physical world.

Recently I was invited to speak at our Yacht Club monthly meeting. The majority of the people there were not on a spiritual path but were curious enough to stay after the business part of the meeting to hear what I had to say. I had 30 minutes to share information on Energy Medicine and how the body speaks.

I started with a familiar topic to them - the ocean. When we look at the ocean all we see is the water and maybe some waves but there is a whole world beneath that we don’t see. It is an analogy of our body. What we see is the surface or skin and we don’t pay attention to the internal organs, networks and especially the spiritual energy systems. I used pictures of body anatomy, chakras and the auric field as a basic overview.

I then spoke about how we get messages through body symbology if there is a problem in our internal systems. Even though we can’t physically see what is wrong we have a chance to deal with it before it is debilitating. I explained the messages we get come from the location and function of the affected body part. For example: if the gall bladder, that stores bile, is a problem the issue in our life is ‘bitterness’, but that is only the messenger. What we really need to fix is ‘what or who are we bitter about.’ When we tune into that question and solve the issue then the messenger is off the hook and the problem with the gall bladder is resolved. Going to the source is a spiritual job and needs focus and intent.

I also talked to them about my own personal experiences and how, when I finally understood more about body symbology, it provided me with messages and subsequently opportunities for healing.

We ended with a meditation: I asked them to envision a channel of divine light flowing into the top of their head following the spinal column down to the tailbone then out to mother earth. Then guided them to ask for the infusion of earth energy to flow up that channel mixing with the divine energy and their own energy. From there the light energy fed every cell in their body and rejuvenated the whole auric field. For a period of time, they were floating ‘bodies of light’.

When they came back from the meditation to the present there was a total stillness in the room for several minutes. Like planting seeds in the earth, in 30 minutes I had ‘planted spiritual seeds‘ in the minds of those present. Would interest and curiosity cause these seeds to germinate and possibly grow? It is up to the Great Mystery!

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