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The Power of Presence

In the last few weeks, two friends experienced a serious fall. One was on a cycling trip and was blindsided by a passing cyclist.  The other was walking downhill with a basket of groceries and missed a step.  Both hurt knees, wrists and other body parts.  Nothing was broken but the trauma, shock and severe pain are still present.  In a moment in time, their worlds were turned upside down.

These women are part of a spiritual group we have shared for over 20 years.  We meet monthly to keep our own spiritual growth at a high level of consciousness.  When these two women fell it affected all of us.  We are connected and the lessons are shared. This morning when I was walking downstairs to our beach I was thinking of them and what their falls taught us.  In that moment my foot rolled on a pine cone.  I grabbed the railing and didn’t fall but the lesson was - I was not in the ‘present moment.’  I was thinking of my friends, not the steps I was taking. 

Often our thoughts are not in sync with our steps in more ways than one.  We may react to issues when making important decisions rather than taking time to think through the consequences. We may follow the advise and opinions of others because it is easier or we think we should.  Such examples cause a waste of energy and a disconnection that will need to be fixed or healed.

The world is in process of moving to a new level of consciousness.  We all feel that time is moving faster than ever before and, in fact, it is.  We need to be aware of that and be more cautious of each step we take whether physically or with decisions and changes in our life.  Being ‘present in the moment’ is our greatest ally and is something that takes awareness,  practice and focus.  

I sometimes find myself driving home from work and all of a sudden, I’m there.  I have driven by remote with my mind somewhere else.  I see people using cell phones while driving as well as while walking, totally distracted from their surroundings.  There are now more accidents caused by distracted cell phone use than  by impaired driving.  Neither are acceptable and both are a prime example of how so many of us live a ‘distracted’ life. We have created an epidemic of non-present people.  It is time to wake up to our spiritual purpose and stay connected mind, body and soul to each moment in time.  My friends ‘took the fall’ for those of us closely connected in our group but they really took it for everyone in the world.  ‘Present in the moment’ is only a few words but has a very significant and powerful meaning in our fast moving world.   Please pay attention to the message.  A keen awareness of life is so important.  By missing aware moments we are losing quality time AND - It is Dangerous!

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