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Who Will Hear You?

If a tree (or  a  person)  falls  in  the  forest  and no one  is  around  to hear, will  it  make  a sound? A philosopher, George  Berkley, has  posed  this question about  a  tree for a long time but what if it is a  person and they are not  heard, will they survive?   This  is  more than a physical happening  -  it  is a metaphor of life  journeys. Let’s  take  an inside look  as the pages turn  in  our storybook of life. Was help available  -  or did it force us to make our own way out of the forest? 

My stories began when I was  3 years old.  Our family was  selling  everything  on our  farm so we could drive, unfettered, across the country to a new  life. I was so  attached  to my doll’s baby buggy that I hid in the lilac bushes with my precious possession. I was found and  they ‘heard  my agony’  but it still  had  to  be  sold  in the auction. We  only  had  room for  a  few clothes. Another  profound  story came  years later after a marriage  of  abuse and bankruptcy. I was in a thick forest of despair and  asked my parents  for financial  help. They said they weren’t in a position to help without risking their own security. I was  on my own but I did ‘survive’. It forced me to grow and become a better person. 

Many years have gone by since  those pages in my  storybook and I  have  never asked for help again.  Now  the ‘fall in the forest’  has taken another turn in the pages  of my book.  My husband  and I live on a small Island in an neighbourhood of 2 acre lots full of trees. We are the only ones to live there full-time, during  the long dark nights of winter. I am often there alone and I walk my dog each  night.  I carry a cellphone and flashlight  but  we are have steep cliffs on 3 sides and I sometimes  think - what if I fell and no one was around to hear me?  Would I survive?

Well, one night when I was on my  own, my dog was anxious to  go out and I left  the house without my usual caution. I did fall that night, knocked the wind of myself and in that short space of time, many thoughts arouse  about  the  value  of  life - not  being  prepared  and being alone. I finally picked myself up with only a sore bottom and a bruised ego. It was a a great message for me. We can’t  rely on,  or expect, someone else to  ‘hear  us’. We have to look after ourselves. Life is always a  lesson of ongoing stories and my answer to  “What if a tree falls in the forest” is: there is  no  answer to  that, or to  my question - would someone hear me?  My advice is to pay attention, live with out  fear, accept any challenges, and keep turning the pages of your storybooks with interest and anticipation.

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