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Your Body Speaks

When your body speaks to you please listen - listen with all your senses, emotions, intuition, thoughts and smells. Our body is one of our best teachers if we honor its power and listen to its messages. It is like a storybook that communicates with us on a constant basis.

It is important to recognize the strong connection between the physical body and the Soul. When the body is under distress and /or is toxic it is often giving us a message about something that needs to be dealt with. The only way the body has to communicate with the Soul is called 'Body Symbology’. When parts of your body are ill, uncomfortable or broken the location of the problem speaks to what is to be looked at on a deeper level. For example eyes are about the willingness to see, gall bladder is about bitterness, and hands are about letting go.

During different phases in my life I had major stomach bleeds that were almost fatal and it took years to understand - I couldn't ‘stomach or digest’ the life I was living. Finally after several bleeds, another broken relationship and a bankrupt company I decided I was going in the wrong direction, took a 'time out' and began to look into inner healing.

I found energy medicine and started to learn about tools to heal from within. After a while I was in a good relationship and doing the heart work I loved. Then I got hit with a ‘fistula’, which is an abscess of the anal glands. It was so painful I couldn't sit or could hardly walk. My tools for energy healing weren't working and the doctor said he had to remove the glands with surgery and it may impair my bowel function in the future.

I began to look at the whole picture differently because all my life my learning had been on the mental level and now I had to move to a higher dimension. I went into surgery as planned and when I got back to my room, my husband was waiting for me. The doctor came into the room and told us they had prepared for the surgery and then found everything had healed and he didn't need to remove the glands. My husband told him I had been doing energy work and had healed myself. The doctor just looked at both of us and said, take her home, she doesn't need us.

This event validated the value of being in touch with the Soul. It has been a powerful tool. The message through body symbology was that I was still holding on to 'past shit' in my life that I had to release and let go of. When I worked at a higher level and heard the message, my physical body was healed. I hope you pay attention to how powerful the Body Symbology is - if you listen.

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