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Spiritual Recovery: The Foundation of Holistic Healing

Spiritual recovery is needed for holistic healing

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Although it is said that life begets suffering, the body and mind can only carry so much—re-create your life journey with Alma's Treatments and remedies.

After illness and trauma, people are sometimes given time to recoup, rehabilitate themselves and recover physically and emotionally. Tribulations come like a storm, and people are always left like a wreck. As such, ample care and time are afforded to the patient's recovery.

But conventional methods only soothe the external (the body) and the internal (the mind); they do not go deeper and cannot touch that which needs the most healing: the spiritual. Spiritual recovery is something that should be remembered.

To expand the analogy of the storm further, when calamity erupts and goes away, it is oftentimes the wreckage that takes the highest precedence. This is a fault of the human mind, which cannot perceive beyond the mere physicalities of reality. When catastrophe strikes, it is always the buildings and the ruins that are quickly fixed, while the people take longer to heal--but the spirit of the land can take decades or centuries to heal.

The same goes for human pain. It is the body that is given precedence, then the mind, but the spirit and, in turn, spiritual recovery is rarely if ever, discussed, despite it being the foundation of anything. In this way, spirituality is extremely important.

As such, healing becomes a protracted effort for many because of this ignorance; fortunately, many are now waking up to the fact that spirituality is needed and should be cherished.

But what is spirituality?

Spirituality is quite a nebulous word. That is one of the many reasons why it is rarely talked about when discussing one's recovery. Like the Dao spoken of by Chinese monks, there is no right way of defining spirituality; there may be several rivers flowing, but they all lead to the same source, the same ocean.

But, if there must be a baseline to identify spirituality, then it is that it involves the myriad ways of investigating one's place in the world and the wider cosmos; it is the human perception of the divine.

In a broader sense, spirituality speaks to the human yearning for meaning and purpose and the understanding that even though everything seems disconnected and in constant chaos, there is an overarching pattern to it all and that there are entities above humans.

Therefore, spiritual recovery means regaining what has been severed due to trauma and suffering, whether it is the satisfaction of having discovered purpose or the understanding of one's place in the universe and uncovering cosmic unity. These are tied deeply to one's soul, and more serious consideration should be taken because helping the spirit recover greatly alleviates physical and mental trauma as well.

How does spiritual recovery aid physical and mental recovery?

Sometimes the biggest barrier to recovery is the feeling of isolation. Trauma and suffering leave people changed, and sometimes this creates a mentality of distance--you have gone through experiences that most people never have, and this has struck you in ways you thought you never could—that makes it difficult to form or maintain the necessary connections that would support in your recovery.

The reason why spiritual recovery is needed after traumatic experiences is that people sometimes lose all sense of purpose and being. This is a dangerous emotion if left unattended for too long since it often leads to negative ideation and a warped outlook on life.

When you feel that you are interconnected with a wider community, it becomes much easier to go through with healing because you feel there is support and that however far you may go, someone will still be there for you. And when you feel a connection to a higher plane or entity, you feel like everything becomes possible again.


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