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Whose Dream are you Living?

What happens when you ‘wake up’ and find you have been following someone else’s dream?  You’ve spent your life trying to please others, live up to their expectations, and in doing so lost your own voice.  We live in a world controlled by agendas, patterns, imprints and opinions of others as they paint the picture of our developing personality. 

I was like everyone else moving through life’s ups and downs trying to find my way or ‘Life Purpose’ not really knowing what I was looking for.  The blips got bigger and harder and finally forced me to begin a journey in search of my true identity.  To date society and ego had been responsible for my image, my education and career but now it could not sustain me.  I was not sure what got me to this point - I only knew it didn’t feel good.  That phrase ‘It didn’t feel good’ was the basis for my 180 degree turn in direction.

I took a ‘time out’ from working and sought help from many mentors and teachers that taught me to release and shed what did not serve me . Then as a holistic health therapist I started seeing clients and they became my best teachers and were a mirror of what I needed to learn about myself. 

Working with clients as a consultant and therapist my observations have one thing in common -  most people don’t know who they truly are.  I could see the source of many people’s problems was trying to live up to the expectations and programming of others.  The stress of these subliminal controls caused distress and disease.  I labelled these controls ‘Bosses’ and began to pay attention to where they came from and what effect they had on people’s lives and personalities.

The book I wrote, ‘You’re Not the Boss of Me’ is about the journey of a growing personality and how it is so strongly influenced by others.  It focuses on ‘re-creating your belief system’ as you decide ‘who you are’ and ‘who you are not’.  The key that helps in this process is to become ‘aware’ of what haunts you and holds you hostage.  Just doing that, is a big step in recognizing what is false and what is truly you. 

I have learned most of us are robots sleepwalking in a cultural trance.  We have been told what to do and how to do it for so long we have become lazy about using our own resources.  We look for someone else to tell our fortunes and fix our problems.  It is time to take responsibility for looking after your body and soul and claim your true identity.  You are the boss of you and everything you need is already there, if you don’t let your mind get in the way.  The manual for your life is as unique as your fingerprint so follow your own path not someone else’s.  It’s time to think your own thoughts and have your own opinions.  Enjoy!

Self Discovery is Life Altering.
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